How do you use yours?

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Check out this video of Holli using her new The Original Pink Box wide open tool bag to store her craft supplies. It really holds a lot!

People of all ages agree that lime green is a GREAT color for a tool box – thanks for the photo, Jason!

The Chop Shop in Eaton Rapids, MI rocks out their The Original Pink Boxes!

Who says tool boxes are only for grown ups? Thanks for the picture, Joshua!

Even when things get “hairy” in her grooming salon, Alyce keeps her tools organized thanks to her The Original Pink Box tool chest!

Denise keeps her cake decorating supplies neat in her sweet The Original Pink Box top and bottom chest combo!

Joie’s makeup room is fabulous and functional with her The Original Pink Box tool boxes – makeover, anyone?

Pink and Lime in Amanda’s craft room!

Brian, Shelly, and crew at Cala Industries;

Thanks for getting my toolbox down to Louisiana so quickly! I’m the only female aircraft mechanic in Baton Rouge, and am so glad to have a box that represents the ladies! I’ve included a photo of the hangar at G. H. Enterprises, with a Pilatus PC-12/45 in the background. I was told my new box makes it easy to tell which plane I’m working on. Awesome!

Thank you again!!!


trevino_aviation_allisonhoyt1My school paper recently did an article on the women in our Aviation Maintenance Technology program, and the photographer enthusiastically agreed that my Original Pink Box be part of the photo shoot we did for the article. Here’s the link:

In case it’s not clear, I adore my toolbox, and plan to upgrade in size when I finally finish school, get into the industry, and need to acquire even more tools. I don’t know if you’re still running the “Photo of the Month” contest you mentioned on your site’s blog, but if you are, there’s my entry.

Allie Hoyt

Natalie’s Pink Box Story

Dear Brian,

When our 5 year-old daughter Natalie asked for a pink tool box for Christmas, we ignored her at first. Soon her wish became her sole focus . . . she offered to wash the dog, get her mother “diamonds,” and even promised to immediately cease all whining. Natalie began telling every Salvation Army and mall Santa she saw about her wish, and even drew Santa a picture of the pink tool box she wanted.

So, the search began. We scoured stores, the internet, and E-Bay to no avail. All we could find were cheaply made plastic pink tools and tool boxes. Finally, on December 21st, we found the Original Pink Box website and called begging to have a pink tool box sent overnight.

We were overwhelmed with the generosity and care our call received. Brian immediately drove to the Fed Ex store for us. The shipping was expensive (more than the tool box itself, in fact) . . . but Brian sent it anyway and told us that he would not stand for a five-year-old not getting her Christmas wish. “Pay me whatever you want . . . it is on it’s way” he said. The box arrived on Christmas Eve, and made our daughter’s Christmas. She squealed with joy when she opened the box and began hugging it. My husband (somewhat jealously) noted that the pink tool box was even better made than his own.

Brian called the next day to say he had been tracking the package and wanted to be sure it arrived. In this day and age, we were completely floored with our experience. If ever something happened to restore our faith in the goodness of people, this surely was it.

Something tells me that Brian didn’t find any coal in his stocking this year .


Karey L.

Natalie’s Pink Box Photos


Bombard Electric & Their Pink Boxes



Whitney Barnett


Here is what I am putting in my Pink Box. I decided that it was too awesome to sit in the garage and hold tools. I wanted to use it EVERYDAY. So, here’s where it is. It makes me smile when I walk in the room just knowing that I’m a “hip mom”. I rocked all the old school surfing and skater stickers! I LOOOVE IT!!!



Caitlin Shaw



Hi Brian

Thanks for the toolbox…. It’s going to work out GREAT! I think the value of my Dodge Ram went up 20% since I put the toolbox in it.

Your theme of the Pink color for toolboxes for ladies is a good idea. I know you will have great success selling them.

My wife is involved in a organization that has Pink as a theme color also. My wife is a cancer survivor ,so we give the cancer awareness issue a lot of attention. For cancer awareness week last October our city lit up the falls that is on our local Sioux River pink to promote cancer awareness.


I am confident that the up coming National Hardware Show will bring many sales leads for you!

Thanks Again For The Cool Toolbox!


OTL’s “Original Pink Box”

It all Started with a San Diego Tradition called “OTL” (Over the line) It’s a 3 person Softball game played every year (in July)on the beach. I remember seeing the original pink boxes at a car show I went to with my husband and thought they were the coolest!

I contacted Brian after checking out the web site. I wanted to get a tank & hat to wear to OTL. They were a hit!! The next year I formed a team (All Girls) and we named our team “The Original Pink Box”. If your familiar with OTL then you can appreciate the “clean name”. If your not familiar then you’ll have to check that out on the web too! We decked ourselves out with the hats and Tanks. We tell everyone about the pink Box .Brian was sweet to let us use the name and give us a box for pictures. We will be using the Pink Box to hold our mitts & batting gloves while on the beach as well as our suntan lotion, cell phones, etc. how cool is that!


Dawn,Kelly& Amanda

OTL’s “Original Pink Box”


What the hosts of “Let’s Get Nailed” are saying about

The OriginalPink Box tools

“The new Pink Box tools are awesome! They are great high quality tools that
really make our job easier on the show. I am so excited to have them on
Let’s Get Nailed and the best part about Pink Box is that they are Pink!”

Alison Skipper, host of Let’s Get Nailed


What I use MY pink boxes for!

I have two. They store all my makeup. I actually need one of the large 5-drawer ones. I’m hoping if I drop enough hints, my hubby will get me one for Christmas!

By far, one of the best (and COOLEST) purchases I’ve made in a LONG TIME!

Tracy Alvarez


I love the pink toolbox I bought for my truck! Brian you really out did yourself. It really made my truck mine. Everyone knows my truck in town. You should see the look on thier faces when I pull out my tools from it. Its holding up very well. Thank you SOOOOO much. I LOVE my pink box.




Meika Cornelius loves how she can take her Pink Box anywhere! To the races, to the track or to the desert, when she’s out camping and riding her
motorcycle, she always knows HER tools are in HER Pink Box…the guys in
camp know she’s organized and they better put it back where they found it
when a tool is borrowed!

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How do you use yourpinkbox_wht

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