Repurposing an Old Toolbox Into a Planter

In honor of Earth Day, we decided to repurpose a PB20PTB 20-Inch Portable Steel Toolbox, and what better way than to make a planter!

Our DIY planter is a little bit extra with its bottom watering system. Feel free to keep it simple by just drilling some holes at the bottom and adding rocks. This will prevent root rot and mold from growing.

*Note: we recommend painting the brackets, screws, and exposed PVC the day before to allow them to dry completely*


  • The Original Pink Box 20-Inch Portable Steel Toolbox
  • The Original Pink Box 20-Volt Drill
  • The Original Pink Box Drill and Bit Sets
  • The Original Pink Box 20-Volt Glue Gun
  • The Original Pink Box Hack Saw
  • The Original Pink Box Multi-purpose Gloves
  • The Original Pink Box Tape Measure
  • The Original Pink Box Safety Glasses
  • PVC straight pipe
  • PVC Elbow
  • PVC Connector
  • Brackets
  • Drywall Screws
  • Potting Soil
  • Plants


Determine where you want to attach the PVC watering system, then drill a hole on the side of the toolbox. We made a pilot hole first then used a step bit to make it larger.

You can also add bottom drainage at this point.

Measure the interior of the toolbox. Ours was 18 inches. The PVC connector is about 1 inch, so we wanted the straight PVC pipe 1 inch shorter than then length (17 inches total). Cut the PVC with a saw.

This toolbox comes with a tray. We added it to the bottom to help collect water, but it’s optional.

Add the PVC elbow through the hole and attach the connector from the inside. Use hot glue to secure.

The vertical PVC pipe is the shorter piece we cut off from the 17-inch length.

Mark out where you want the holes to be on the 17-inch PVC pipe and use your drill to cut them. Seal off one end of the piping.

Once the holes and seal are done, attach the straight pipe to the PVC connector inside the toolbox.

We painted the brackets and screws pink to match the aesthetic.

Drill pilot holes for the brackets, then use the screws to attach them to the toolbox. This will keep the lid propped open.

It was at this point we realized we should have painted the exposed PVC pipe. Be sure to paint this part before you glue anything together.
Test your watering system to ensure proper flow before adding the soil.
Finally, add your soil and plants. You’re done!

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